A Cyber Saint's Photo Options

The "custom" products include a photo of your saint on the Cyber Shrine or Proclamation of Sainthood certificate.  This is a wonderful way to make your gifts even more special. When you send us a photo, we will crop and size it, make it sepia-toned, and add a halo!

Look at the pictures below to see this change. The snapshot on the left is transformed to a "saintly" portrait, exceptionally suitable for a Cyber Saint's shrine or Proclamation of Sainthood certificate.

Original Photo

The Cyber Saint’s Picture

Photo Guidelines

The better quality photo our artists start with, the better the final results will be! We prefer "passport size" photos or snapshots that have at least 1" square of the saint’s face.

If you are sending us a scanned photo, please scan at no less than 200 dpi and try to edit the snapshot so that the saint’s face (a "headshot") is all that you scan and is sent. Photos can be sent in .jpg or .tif format, in color or greyscale – but check the file size before sending – anything larger than 500K will clog up our electronic pipes! Use a little compression on your .jpg or zip your .tif file. Write to us or call us if you need advice or help.

Generic Saint

If you choose to get a certificate and don’t want a photo of your own saint, we will put Saint Cyber, the FCCM Patron Saint, on the certificate:

Sending the photo

The best way to send a photo as an e-mail attachment. We support either .tif or .jpg formats. E-mail the photo to:


BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER (if you have received it)

You can also mail us a photo to:

Halo Effects, Inc.

We will make every attempt to return your original, but cannot be responsible for lost photographs.

Please include your return address, the saint’s name and your order number so we can match it to the saint. This is best lightly penciled on the back of the photo.

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